This is an area that demands experimentation to make “Real Clothes” for our Clients. The boundaries between costumer and clothing get even thinner in uniform industry. Gaurav International was established in the year 2004.

“We wanted a clever mix of classic and contemporary, a rare sight in Indian hotels,” “We wanted to say ‘luxury’ with innovative design and modern fabrics; each uniform had to represent the hotel in its entirety.”

Uniform Bazaar design division offers practical superbly tailored and distinctly designed uniforms for the Hospitality and other Career apparel for any kind of sector. Well-tested fabrics, timely deliveries at competent price points, make us leaders in this specialized service.

Through innovative design ideas we rework the conventional perception of Uniform Designs creating economical, workable and brand building ideas through good design and concepts. We offer a unique design philosophy that works best for its environment.

Uniform Bazaar design department has designed uniforms for various requirements and wardrobes for corporate and private institutions across the globe.

Every group of collective teamwork must establish its identity through a logo, a vision statement or a well-designed uniform. Invented in the allure of war, the uniform came into existence well before the invention of chopsticks!

British used this simple concept to better rule, creating a palatable hierarchy through uniform segregation and integration, at the very core of the social fiber. They managed to harness the power of homogenization through the good design of uniforms -- almost like a new religion, where all were equal and ranked by virtue of performance, intelligence and other measurable qualities.

Gaurav International (Uniform Bazaar/Master Chef)Gaurav International (Uniform Bazaar/Master Chef)

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